ZAGRO Australia Launches Nucidol® 200 EC

Zagro Australia Pty Ltd, the distributor of Eureka Gold®, has now added NUCIDOL® 200 EC to their product range.

NUCIDOL® 200 EC is a TRIED and TESTED brand name in the Animal Health industry and has a broad registration covering a wide range of animal species in fly, lice and mange control..

NUCIDOL® 200 EC is registered for use in:

  • Buffalo Fly on Beef Cattle through Back Rubbers and Spray.
  • Lice on Beef Cattle
  • Lice and Mange on Pigs
  • Flies on Horses
  • Flies in Sheds

Zagro advises the return of the 5 Litre pack. This pack has been designed for the Resellers to promote it into the Back Rubber Market, for the control of Buffalo Flies on Beef Cattle. This market is limited with its use of chemicals, so with NUCIDOL® 200 EC 5 Litre Pack, it gives the farmer another alternative chemical to use.

NUCIDOL® 200 EC will be available through the major distribution channels, in the new 5 Litre pack and the existing 500ml pack.

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